About me

Wolfgang “Wolf” Buchleitner (né Schwarz)

Inventor, Head and Catalyst (but neither CEO nor Shareholder)

Without any formal college education, I surprised the audio community in 1982 with the QUANTEC QRS, a digital reverberator, considered to be among the all time favorites in this field, and a legend for years.

In my opinion, prerequisite for device designs of such dimension is a lifelong dedication with music and electronics. It is likely that my childhood in the secluded northern Black Forest in Germany played quite a certain role in my development, because at places with hardly any neighborhood kids to play with, you have to find some other way to occupy yourself with.

Born in 1954, I was only at the tender age of 4, when – thanks to the reading skills I’d already acquired with the help of my patient father (an architect) - I discovered the Märklin metal construction set in a catalog. Bingo! At first my interest only went to the genuine screwdriver included in the set, but later on, to electric solenoids and motors, too. In any case, that toy was to become my favorite occupation for the next years. Having just turned 6, I enthusiastically rode my bike to my weekly piano lesson, and at age 10, I had already left my mark on all table clothes in my parents’ house with my soldering iron. It’s exactly that mix of art and technology, that inevitably led to the crucial experience – here’s a soundbite from an interview:

»A few of you know that I got my pocket money as a young lad playing organ during Sunday services. My best memories come from playing evenings during the week when the church was empty. I experimented with muted flutes and nasal reeds, pressing the keys slowly to expand the onset of attacks, and went wild with tremolo. My point is that it was through listening, and listening alone, intently and repeatedly, that I learned what true reverberation sounded like.«

Unlike most of my colleagues, I’m convinced that prototypes are simply waste of time. True to my motto »do it right the first time«, I regard building prototypes as nothing but a poor account of non-concentrating developer amateurs. My personal standard is to take ideas for new devices, and put ‘em directly into action – i.e. to take an idea, then directly draw the documentation for mass production out of it, including the definition of several hundred components with their fifty thousand pages of data sheets! Even though my concept works in more than half of my designs, I’m still never content: After all, it’s my job to make life hard for a bunch of 10 Japanese, busy like bees.

What else? – For time killers such as TV sets, smartphones, or even board games, there’s absolutely no place at my home, so I’ve pretty much time and muse for the important things. No appointment calendars and the like …

And: I never had a driver’s license, what I’ve found I’m sharing with a surprising number of other creative people …

My biggest problem? – Absolutely no relation to money. Fact is that there is no trace of interest whatsoever. As long as the pockets are full, I am a very helpful person, spending money like a drunken sailor. This means that I’ll be forced to scale down again soon, and start planning for a cafe or concert ticket. Really no big deal to me …

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