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what people refuse to understand

Spreaded church organ pipes

What’s the problem with just a handful of IRs?

This is a conversation between a sceptical prospective customer (or rather not), who is far from being convinced what I’m trying to explain..

Whenever I’m recording the impulse response of any QUANTEC Room Simulation, for putting it through my convolution plug-in, its spatiality collapses altogether. To name a number, the 60 to 150 feet depth of a sacred building has completely vanished into thin air. No idea of what’s going wrong. Maybe some copy protection you’ve hidden intelligently?

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TU Dresden - reverberation chamber

Dismantling the myths of reverberation chambers

A real reverberation chamber with driving speakers and capturing microphones – that’s it, right?

Not necessarily! – Reverberation chambers are usually much too small, and Mother Nature cannot be cheated with regard to room size. There are a number of shortcomings with reverberation chambers, that cannot be compensated with ugly tricks like pre or post delay. Continue reading

YARDSTICK power supply

How to extirpate that recapping-insanity


As the majority of our 1982 QRS devices can attest: QUANTEC audio devices are being operated over 30 years and more. This is also true for some other legends of professional audio, e.g. from our competitors LEXICON, EVENTIDE, or URSA MAJOR. Although somewhat older date, this gang of bearded fellows, immortalized on this photo, has one common problem today: we all have completely underestimated the massively overstretched service life of our creations that is demanded by today’s users. Continue reading